6 Powerful Content Strategy Pointers to Get People Talking

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6 Powerful Content Strategy Pointers to Get People Talking“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.” ~Mitch Kapor, Founder, Lotus Development Corp.

I’ve spent the last few weeks training a dealer group and their employees on Social Media content strategy.  It’s quite a leap for most employees as their job has never required them to consider how they want to be perceived by the buying public.  As a matter of fact, it gets overwhelming for most folks.  In this age of Social Business, it’s more important than ever to be a savvy content publisher.  It’s harder than ever to filter out all the noise to find what your brand and your audience is looking for.

It’s important that when people Google your business, you’re not the only one talking about it.  You do this by developing a process to foster “evangelists” for your store.  Good news!  You already have part of that in place through CSI and your front line personnel.  The next step is to utilize Social networks to get customers to talk for you!

Think Reputation Not Ranking.

How do you want to be known? What makes your store different in the market place?  Maybe you’re a legacy dealer who’s 4th generation.  Perhaps you’ve won the President’s Award for the last 6 years.  Those are examples of great achievements.  But how does your customer talk about you?  What do they say to their friends and family about their experience with you?  Achievements are always great but what matters more is a solid online reputation.

Think Connection Not Network.

Putting technology before strategy is quite dangerous.  There are a lot of cool tools out there to facilitate a better network.  However, you can’t skip planning, listening, education and go straight to engagement.  You’ll come up empty handed.  Automation is there to support your efforts, it’s not the guts of your campaigns.  No one will connect with you if you’re not real.  Human connections are what drive sales.

Think Loyalty Not Proclamation.

When you proclaim yourself the “biggest and best”, you better deliver on that promise because your claims mean nothing when customers have friends and family who’re telling them otherwise.  Find out who your loyal customers are and reward them.  Get them involved in telling your brand’s story.  Show the world how loyal customers are treated and you’ll have many more coming your way.

Now let’s talk about 3 key strategies to grease the wheels of those conversations.  We talk a lot about engagement in Social marketing.  What that all boils down to is providing super-interesting content on each platform where your customer spends their time.

Think Consistent Not Arbitrary. 

Is your content consistent with your brand?  Recently Coca-Cola did a very controversial guerrilla marketing campaign where they paid people to stencil Coke’s logo all around New Orleans during the Final Four.  Many questioned the sanity of a big brand defacing property in and around the historic French Quarter, especially when it was later revealed they didn’t even have permits to do it.  What’s disturbing for me is that the stunt wasn’t really consistent with Coke’s brand.  It sounds like something more consistent with Red Bull.  Your content is YOUR message.  Be consistent, be remarkable.

Think Assurance Not Panic.

Block Out Time.  Content curation takes time.  Anyone who’s had to create something knows that it has it’s own time schedule.  Devote a minimum of two hours per day to trolling for content.

Do Your Homework.  Spend time reading blogs on Social Media marketing and topics that are important to our industry.  Read blogs on subjects that interest your customer.  Add those blogs by RSS Feed to your Google Reader so you’ll have a treasure trove at your fingertips.  The time you spend now will ensure your success later on.

Think Smarter Not Harder.

Brainstorm with a Coach.  Marketing content creation should never be done alone, especially if you’re new.  The collaborative process with a content strategy coach works quicker and is more effective at reaching your sales goals.  An experienced Social Media content strategist will get you up to speed and on your way to self-sufficiency.

Reputation, connection and loyalty spurs conversations.  Be consistent, self-assured and smart in your Social Media content strategy.  Get people talking about you.  There’s no better way to the sale.

The more we share, the more we have...
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  • Shelly Kramer

    Great points here, Kathy. My favorite: Think connection not network. Everyone is looking for the “easy button” but there really is none. It’s all about developing meaningful relationships and trust.

    Love this advice :))


    • http://www.krusecontrolinc.com Kathi Kruse

      Thanks Shelly! I so enjoyed your post about Coca Cola’s botched campaign. I have a meetup here in the OC called Social Media Campfire and we talked about it last Saturday. You’re so right about that “easy button”. Right now, I’m trying to convince my peeps in dealerships not to buy Facebook fans. Can you believe that? It’s like Diana Ross says, “You can’t hurry love, boy.” Thanks so much for all you do!

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