Social Media & Digital Marketing

Blending New Media Savvy
with Toughness Learned in the Trenches

Tested by the most demanding clients and competitive markets

When Kathi Kruse talks about her path to Social Media and Digital Marketing, she does it with a smile. Thankful for the great memories and experiences that couldn’t have more effectively prepared her for today’s biggest marketing challenges.

Competition has been redefined in the Digital Age, and Kathi is no stranger to it. Actually, it’s just the opposite: She witnesses the changes, challenges and the opportunities first-hand, and then thrives in environments where most failed.

Part of Kathi’s success can be attributed to experience and toughness, but another huge component was her ability to see, understand and leverage new tools and technologies.

kathi-kruse-social-media-marketingAn LA girl born to car people, she grew up in not only one of the most highly competitive industries anywhere, but also a male-dominated one. Every step along the way was its own test. Her experience encompassed every job, from ground-floor entry-level to the highest executive and ownership levels. Ultimately managing dealerships and auto groups doing hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and consulting at all levels of the industry.

“The common thread,” she adds with a wry smile, “is that as a woman I had to be smarter, tougher, work harder and accept a smaller margin for error. I’m fiercely proud of what I’ve done, but much more excited for what I’ve learned and am doing today because of it – in all industries and niches. Helping businesses unleash the vast potential of Digital Marketing.”

For Kathi, The Car Business was a great teacher and while it’s no different from any other industry, it has unequalled challenges. With more competition than ever, more choices than ever, despite its iconic past, that same historically negative reputation works against customer loyalty and impedes lead generation.

“The best ways to reach tomorrow’s customer today leverage Social Media. But where social channels are common, results are not. Everyone wants it. Many give up and that represents another opportunity lost.  To me, that’s unacceptable; business has become social. No one can afford to ignore that. I approach it with field-tested, combat-ready techniques and best practices; a strategic plan and tools to measure and sustain success when it’s achieved.”

Today, Kathi Kruse is a noted author, speaker, business analyst, social media and digital marketing consultant and trainer. She looks forward to your challenge and creating a Social Media strategy to drive growth in leads, customers and sales. Tapping Social Media’s power isn’t optional anymore, it’s essential, so reach out and start growing with an email or phone call.

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