Share Wisely: Broadcasting Yourself Means Making a Choice

The more we share, the more we have...
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automotive-social-media-kathi-kruseWe are in a season of making choices.

Lately I’ve witnessed a lot of people sharing extreme opinions on Social networks. I’m sure you have too. Let me first say it’s not my intent to censor anyone here.  We all have our views and we’re free to share them in whatever venue we feel is appropriate. Please, for the sake of your personal brand, pause before you share.

Social Media has leveled the playing field. With the growth of online influence and authorship, every single person should know what Personal Branding is and why it’s important. Whether you’re a General Manager, CEO, Salesperson, CFO, or Fixed Ops manager, what you say and do says a lot about you. Your personal brand characterizes you in the eyes of your audience. Today, the audience is everywhere.

How do you want to be known in the world?

Take a moment and answer that question thoughtfully because it’s the basis for defining your personal brand. Personal Branding is how you communicate your skills, personality and values. It’s the process by which we market ourselves to others.

Please don’t sacrifice your brand to misinterpretation. Especially if you’re in sales (aren’t we all?), be keenly aware of everything you post on Social networks. The traditional guidelines of staying away from politics, sex and religion still apply.

When you feel like you need to rant, stop, take a deep breath and evaluate it.  Seek to understand your own emotions and your own thoughts on why you’re sharing. Ask, “What am I contributing? What’s my goal?” because whatever you share, you will be known for. You’re defining your legacy. Your customers’ buying decisions are based on your behaviors.

Social Media is value-driven.

“We all have a set of values and how we act is the internal guidance system.” says Renee Stuart, Founder/CEO of Reputation Revenue.  “Whatever we value in life, making a difference, creating influence, family, human rights, freedom of speech, whatever it is, if you have a value, it’s going to guide you. It is your personal compass.”

Know your values, share your gift.

When you share a piece of content take the extra step of self-inquiry, “Is this going to help my business expand and bring true value to others?” If you want to make a difference in customers’ lives, it should be a positive one.

If your choices are driven by ego, what are you contributing then? Blaming others and isolating yourself into the fringes most certainly affects your sales. Standing at a podium, grandstanding, and trying to persuade is not a strategy to build your network or grow your business.

Like attracts like. When you share negative content, you do get some people to agree with you. If there’s enough of you, then start a private Facebook Group.

However, as the business owner of the brand called “YOU”, how much business do you lose when you share vitriolic views in public on Facebook? Those that view your content as radical, racist, hateful or simply self-centered will sub-consciously “mark” you. You repel the very customer you’re trying to win.

Pause and reboot.

“Basic intrinsic values subconsciously guide us all.” says, Renee. “We know when a value has been tripped. There’s a rush of adrenalin and we take action. We experience an emotional explosion because we lack an ability to seek and understand why our pin got pulled; what trips the switch to anger. It’s a learned behavior, sometimes born from generations past.”

The pressures of life can pull us away from our values. When you’re not willing to have balanced conversations, when you take a hard-line on anything, you sell yourself short. Renee says, “Our core limiting beliefs are often caused by authority figures who’ve instilled them in us. We must take the time to identify them because limiting beliefs bring limited business.”

Some of you could take the easy way out and start a Facebook Group around your rants. And that’s perfectly fine. But do yourself right this time and take the path less-traveled. Explore yourself.  Who are you and what do you have to offer the world? Renee says, “It pays to be recognizably unique!”

When you’re sharing your gifts instead of your rants, like attracts like.

Build equity around your personal brand and your audience is more likely to buy from you and recommend you. Don’t cut off your stream to potential clients. Choose what you share wisely. The world is listening.


The more we share, the more we have...
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  • Abdallah Al-Hakim

    many great points made here. My personal philosophy has been that building a large body of comments and conversations on the web is the best way to guard against misunderstanding or criticism as long as you are authentic and honest. I think this applicable to brands that are looking to engage with their customers.

    • krusecontrol

      Thank you Abdallah. I agree, authenticity rocks.