Social Media can be hard.
Kruse Control makes it easy!

Work with Kathi Kruse

Consumers spend an average of 11 hours online shopping for their next car. Do you have a Social Media strategy to engage your audience and generate leads? When 84% of consumers say a recommendation from friends & family influences their decision, Social Media is where those conversations take place. Social Media is persuasive word-of-mouth…digitized.

What Makes Kruse Control Unique? Read the Kruse Control Blog and you will see Kathi Kruse is passionate about the car business. After a career managing successful stores, today she empowers dealers and their staff to succeed at Social Media Marketing. Your initial goal is to capture business and build a stellar online reputation. Customized one-on-one education and training comes next. Dealerships are as different as the Automotive Social Media strategy that ultimately works for them. When your dealership understands, implements and manages Social Media on its own, Kruse Control’s work is done.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Every business is different. Social Media takes time, skills and human capital. You want to leverage the power of Social Media but you’re perplexed about what to do to get where you want to go, or even how know if you’re on the right track! Kruse Control offers an array of options to fit your Social Media marketing needs. We manage your Social Media profiles using our proven strategies:

  • Define and set clear objectives to meet your marketing goals.
  • Great design strategy to attract the right buyers.
  • Solid content strategy to deliver all your customer’s information needs, in all the places their searching for it, across each stage of the buying process.
  • Savvy promotion strategy to continually increase your fan base and Facebook Ads to target your ideal prospects.
  • Seasoned engagement strategy to respond to fans and build community.
  •  Skillful conversion strategy to turn your fans into customers.
  • In-depth measurement and analysis to tie the results back to your objectives and establish Return on Investment (ROI).

Social Media Content Strategy Coaching

“Give me ONE day and I’ll improve your Social reputation.” It starts with a simple phone call. A single Automotive Social Media solution for every store doesn’t exist! A one-on-one Social Media strategy session with Kruse Control pays dividends. You will understand the inherent strengths and Social Media needs of your dealership. You will find out how to integrate Social Media marketing with your store’s daily operations.

Automotive Social Media Training

The functionality of Social Media and the way we use it changes nearly every day.  After Kruse Control creates a Social Media strategy for your dealership, we provide training to maintain that strategy, achieve objectives and fine-tune what is and isn’t working. Social Media marketing works best with grassroots employee participation. Kruse Control supports your Social marketing by coaching and training your employees in the critical area of content creation. We also offer Webinars and in-store training to help larger groups within your organization better understand and leverage Social Media.

Hire The Right Social Media Manager

Who speaks for your dealership?  Social Media is about people, conversations and deriving leads from those relationships.  There’s a lot of people trying to capitalize on this booming market so here’s a shocker: Not everyone who says they can do Social Media marketing actually knows what they’re talking about.

With 3 decades of auto retail experience, we understand how daily operations can make it difficult to oversee a successful presence on Social Media. Communication between your fans, your staff and your store is vital.  Successful Social campaigns generate many quality leads that require diligent attention.  A responsible person, your “Community Manager”, ensures it’s all handled timely and accurately. Hire Kruse Control to help you find the right person to handle your brand online.

Online Reputation Strategy Coaching & Training

Your reputation is the key intangible in customer decisions.  It’s an unavoidable fact that there are influential places online where dissatisfied customers go to let off steam. These negative reviews hurt your ability to sell and damage your store’s reputation. However, for every dissatisfied customer, there are at least 100 happy customers who could be invited to tell their story. The only way to protect your online reputation is to become proactive. Kruse Control implements successful internal systems based on years of award-winning customer satisfaction strategies.  Consistent authentic reviews provide your potential buyers a truer picture of what your loyal happy customers experience every day.

Business Blog Strategy Coaching & Training

Blogs are critical to business for 3 reasons:

1. Blogs meet consumers’ increased need for content marketing. Consumers spend an average of 12 hours per day consuming content/media (eMarketer). They seek an on-going stream of fresh content in a variety of formats to meet their needs when researching the purchase or servicing their vehicles. Blogs are the backbone of a strong content marketing plan.

2. Blogs are a cornerstone to the maturing Social Media ecosystem. Dealerships need to continually fuel their presence with their own non-promotional content. Blogs are an outlet to provide content, allow Social sharing and foster a forum for conversation.

3. Blogs support search engine optimization (SEO).  Keyword-rich content that answers your customers’ questions turns you into the “likable expert”. Integrating your blog with your main website greatly improves your visibility in search.

When your store needs a consistent strategy for creating blog content, Kruse Control designs a workable internal process to get your blog produced, optimized and generating more traffic and leads.