10 Hard Facts of Consumer Online Transformation and What it Means for Your Business


Are you someone who checks your emails on your smartphone over breakfast, consumes news at work on your desktop and shops online on your tablet when unwinding in the evening? The answer is “yes” for an increasing number of people. The permanent availability of information through the internet is triggering a change in consumers’ daily lives. Being informed everywhere and at all times is taken for granted and it's reshaping people’s information … [Read more...]

7 Right-Now Actions to Improve Your Online Reputation


Online ratings are what brought me to Social Media marketing. It was 2008 and I foresaw the direct correlation between online ratings, social networking and business operations. I discovered customers were talking to one another instead of listening to advertisements. Social Media fueled their conversation and now online ratings are one of the first places people go when they're looking for solid, trustworthy advice. After my years as a … [Read more...]

Chevy Volt & Klout: Is Tapping Social Influencers Enough?

I love stories that live and breathe and carry on, long after the original one is told. Last August, Joel Ewanick, GM's Global Marketing Chief, declared, "It's time to clearly differentiate our brand and align closer to a true global brand like an Apple."  He said, "It's time for an automotive company to step out and address consumers and their needs in a way that's never been done before."  Advertising Age covered this story well and they … [Read more...]

Why Your Online Storefront Matters More

How reasonable do you think it is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a monument to a brand these days?  When we were all flush with cash, it made some sense to upgrade dealership facilities to appease the manufacturer.  Now, a few short years later, it not only doesn't make sense because of financial reasons...there's an even more compelling reason for dealers not to do it. There was a post in the Opinion section of Automotive … [Read more...]

Really? Another Carmaker Social Fail: Volvo

What is happening with these carmakers? Some totally get it and have really established themselves in Social Media.  But some are making the most damaging marketing mistakes I've ever seen carmakers do.  First it was Chrysler terminating the "offender" when he accidentally tweeted from Chrysler's account instead of his own.  He tweeted, "I find it ironic that Detroit is the #motorcity when no one here can fucking drive."  24 hours later, Chrysler … [Read more...]