Your Last Best Hope for Legendary Results in Marketing and Sales


Legendary results in marketing and sales today requires lasting impact, people-seeking-you-out, top-of-mind awareness. The tables have turned. Once upon a time, customers learned everything they needed to know from a salesperson. Today, not only do customers regularly know more than salespeople, they're online looking for factors in your brand that align with their values. My friend and fellow ex-auto retail person, Larry Bruce, likes to say, … [Read more...]

What is Content Marketing and Why Do I Need It?


Content marketing is the plan, strategy and process of getting the right message, to the right customer at the right time. Content marketing (sometimes called Inbound Marketing) is the linchpin to your business' digital marketing strategy. When it comes to search rankings, the importance of good quality, relevant content cannot be understated. Content is the currency of the social web. As the trend away from keywords and toward relevant, … [Read more...]

6 Convincing Reasons Why You Need a Content Strategy


Your business’ marketing plan (you have one, right?) must include a content strategy. The days of ‘just’ posting on social media are over. The days of updating content on your website every 6 months are over, too. Success today is having a plan behind what you publish and the right people to execute it. Forging a content strategy requires these key components: Why you're circulating this info Who exactly you want to reach What … [Read more...]

3 Types of Employee Engagement for Successful Online Marketing


Every business struggles with website and social media content. Some struggle more than others but let's face it, online marketing evolves at such a rapid pace that it's difficult just to keep up. In the end, it's how well the business' marketing system works (or doesn't work) that delivers the best results. The cornerstone to modern marketing is relevant, holistic content. Collaboration with and contributions from employees produces quality … [Read more...]

8 Vital Starting Positions for a Modern, Winning Marketing Team


Modern marketing requires thoughtful architecture - complex and carefully designed structure of how to attract target customers, build trust, generate leads and eventually close sales. The specific components that constitute a modern, winning marketing team are too often deemphasized. Strengths and weaknesses are overlooked for the sake of speed or lack of a plan. In your business, as in many, it may be unrealistic to think that 8 different … [Read more...]

10 Guaranteed Ways to #Fail at Content Marketing


Providing great content earns you the right to promote your product. Successful content marketing leaves the reader saying, "This was written specifically for me." The web is driven by content and if your business isn't reaching customers in this way, there's a good chance you're not reaching them at all. I was interacting with a group of business leaders recently who were still stuck on old ways of advertising: blasting messages to anyone … [Read more...]

What Social Selling Actually Is…and What It’s Not


Every salesperson (and their boss) wants to sell more. The opportunities available with social media are vast, however, to leverage social media successfully and turn it into a referral engine takes deliberate action, consistency and perseverance. Social selling works, but only if you work it. Social Selling as Urban Legend I've been seeing and participating in some lively conversations online debating what social selling actually is. The … [Read more...]

6 Content Ideas for Business Blogs to Wipe Out Overwhelm


By now, you've heard that in order to be found and seen online, your business must provide quality content for search engines and social media to attract your target customers. A lot of businesses stop here because the idea of a blog just seems like too much work. Tapped resources, lack of ideas for business blogs and not enough evidence on ROI can banish blogging to the end of the priority list. Sooner or later, everyone comes to a fork in … [Read more...]

Is Your Content Marketing Just Noise-Shaped Air?


Content marketing without strategy is like a potato trying to whistle. Content is what drives everything in online marketing today. Successful marketing (and advertising) requires quality content. What is quality content? It's information your customers need in order to develop expectations and inform their buying decisions. The new season of Veep just started on HBO. There's a hilarious scene early on where Selina Meyer's (Julia … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Great Blog Post: Are You in Good Shape?


Everybody wants to be in shape. Whether it's your business or your body, achieving good health isn't always easy. When it comes to answering your customers' questions, solving their concerns and converting sales, your blog is a key component to a healthy regimen. A great blog post has many moving parts and it's your decision whether you want to put forth a half-hearted attempt or strive to be the best you can be. I've been conducting an … [Read more...]