Is Customer Experience the New Marketing?


I am a humble student of customer experience and it's been a week of fascinating debacles. I believe there's a direct connection between customer experience and a company's revenue, having lived it during my years managing car dealerships in Southern California. We served some of the most demanding customers on the planet and now that people are connected through social media, customer experience might just be the new marketing. Disruption is … [Read more...]

7 Right-Now Actions to Improve Your Online Reputation


Online ratings are what brought me to Social Media marketing. It was 2008 and I foresaw the direct correlation between online ratings, social networking and business operations. I discovered customers were talking to one another instead of listening to advertisements. Social Media fueled their conversation and now online ratings are one of the first places people go when they're looking for solid, trustworthy advice. After my years as a … [Read more...]

Social Media Tip-of-the-Week: Time Management


Social Media and content marketing are very valuable for business however, many would-be marketers can barely find the time to execute it properly. Establishing your brand's message and consistently generating leads and sales from Social Media can hijack a considerable portion of your day. Maybe it's time you can't take because your boss is a Social Media skeptic. Or, maybe you're the boss and trying to fit Social marketing into an … [Read more...]

Leadership and Social Media Marketing: Can You Have One Without The Other?

Social Media is all about influence. We influence our friends when we comment on their Facebook. We influence our network when re-tweet awesome content. We interact with brands who influence us whether through the purchase experience or through an even deeper connection of values. Couldn't it be said then that all this influence can, at least in these moments, be considered leadership? I had a chance to listen to Mitch Joel's Six Pixels of … [Read more...]