What To Do if The Boss Thinks Social Selling is a Fad


Using Social Media as part of the sales process can increase revenue. But many sales managers and GMs aren't convinced yet. They're curious but skeptical about how efforts placed on social networks can result in a return on investment and/or sales. Many salespeople see Social Selling from the opposite camp. They know the value but feel like their hands are tied because they're ostracized if found using Social Media in the workplace. Some … [Read more...]

7 Right-Now Actions to Improve Your Online Reputation


Online ratings are what brought me to Social Media marketing. It was 2008 and I foresaw the direct correlation between online ratings, social networking and business operations. I discovered customers were talking to one another instead of listening to advertisements. Social Media fueled their conversation and now online ratings are one of the first places people go when they're looking for solid, trustworthy advice. After my years as a … [Read more...]

Does Social Selling Matter? The Numbers Don’t Lie


Does Social Media factor in the sales process? If you talk to the many naysayers, the answer is no. However, there were two major studies published just this week that show all points leading to Social Media as a crucial factor in prospecting and cultivating leads and sales. EBay Motors published their study showing that 9 out of 10 Millennials turn to the Internet when shopping for a car. Millennials skip the showroom and ask their Social … [Read more...]

Does Trust Matter or Have Influence in Sales Relationships?

Relationships are the only thing that can't be pirated by competitors. Social Media marketing is driven by relationships.  Your highest return on those relationships lies with your repeat customers. They are advocates for your store.  Friends trust friends who are advocates. Nielsen just released a study focusing on the trust levels that consumers have with the various forms of advertising. The top answer, at 92%, said, "Recommendations from … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Get Started on Facebook for Car Salespeople

If you're a car salesperson, you need Social Media. You need an online network just like you do your customer list. You need referrals through word-of-mouth because you know those relationships are the most profitable.  Getting started may seem overwhelming because you most likely view Facebook as something your "kids do for fun".  Well, it's a lot more than that--you can generate leads online.  That's right: You can sell cars on Social … [Read more...]