How to Differentiate Your Business on Social Media in 2013

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automotive-social-media-marketing-trainingWhat makes you choose one clothing store, contractor or florist over another? Chances are it’s their success in identifying what makes them unique and broadcasting that message to the marketplace. Going into 2013, dealers and all businesses need to take a page from those memorable business’ playbook.

In the deafening noise of the marketplace, Social Media done right will get you noticed. Word travels quickly with facts about your business. Let’s make sure it’s what you want to be noticed for.

The best way to start making a distinction between you and your competitor is to explore the fact that you are unique and what you deliver is uncommon, matchless and unequaled. Characterize your brand. What are you passionate about? Discover the components that make up your store’s personality.

We talk a lot about Social Media content and how important it is to provide relevant, interesting messages to your customers/prospects. But many dealers get stuck once they’ve shared updates and blog posts centered on the products they sell. I can tell you right now, staying stuck is the road to Armageddon.

In Social marketing, the successful will always reek uniqueness. Identifying what’s unique about your store in contrast to your competitor is the next step you must take. It’s not enough to limp along with boring content, expecting your customers to engage with you. In 2013, those stores that delineate their core customer service values and distinguish themselves as “the best place to buy” will take home the prize money.

Social marketing requires careful thought and planning to effectively position and differentiate your business in the minds of your fans/followers. It’s not enough to be different from other similar dealers – you need to be preferentially different so your target audience sees your business is not only different, but better.

The way to communicate that you’re better is by actually figuring out how you’re better. You can’t send an empty “we are better” message anymore like we all used to do. Today, you have to dive deep into the facets of your brand.

1. Determine what sets you apart from the pack. What are your core values? What do you want to be known for? Be specific. Authenticity has a way of rising to the top on Social Media. For instance, take the subject of online reviews. Ratings platforms need to be optimized and managed internally. What Google or Yelp say about you is exactly what customer/prospects are basing their purchase decisions on. When there are few reviews and one or two are negative, that tells me your missing an internal proactive process to capture and build your reviews. When your profile has a lot of reviews and a low score, that represents a deeper cultural issue that will take superior leadership to rectify.

A key element of Social Media marketing strategy should involve the development of your brand values and how you would like to be perceived.

2. Define your unique selling proposition.What do you do better than anyone else? It’s something that can’t be copied. Deliver a clear-cut, marketable benefit to your customer. Give yourself a significant advantage over the other players.

In order to have a unique selling proposition, you can’t attempt to be known for everything. You have to make a stand for something. You have to choose what your business will stand for and what you’ll be known for. By making a stand and choosing something that makes your business unique, you’ll become known for that unique quality and stand out from the crowd.

3. Use pain to your advantage. Identify customer pain points and main frustrations with the auto industry. Devise a marketing plan to address those concerns. Every person I talk to (who’s not in the car business) asks me for tips on buying and selling cars. What would happen if you wrote a white paper on the “30 things you need to know before you buy your next car.”?  Use Social Media to promote that white paper and give easy access to it via your website.  People crave information, especially when they have to make a decision around “big-ticket” items. Be helpful. Be interested. Be human.

4. Leverage your employees’ unique selling proposition. Your front-line personnel are the ones who talk to your customers every day. What are your employees saying to your customer when you’re not looking? Identify each employee’s core values and unique selling proposition. Capitalizing on their strengths can mean the difference between closing sales and not.

We’ve just started a monthly training event that’s super affordable and effortless to attend. Your Inside Track teaches you how to develop your unique selling proposition and brand values. You’ll learn how to quickly implement effective Social Media marketing techniques, attract great customers and prospects and gain a unique competitive advantage.

To get an even bigger head start on your Social marketing plans for 2013, check out my new book, “Automotive Social Business”. It’s my first published digital book. Hey, where else are you going to get that much Social Media information for under $5 bucks?

The more we share, the more we have...
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