How to Avoid This Common Mistake With Your Social Media Marketing

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automotive-social-media-marketing-trainingSocial is a medium. How your business capitalizes on it is up to you.

I speak almost daily with people who work at dealerships and other businesses who are limping along with Social marketing simply because their boss told them to create a Facebook page. While they are masters at the job they were hired for, many of these great people have little to no skills in marketing a business. They’ve had no training to speak of and they’re out there communicating messages about your store for the world to see!

If your staff has been saddled with the responsibility of succeeding on Social Media, give yourself and your staff the best, most ideal environment to do just that. Many bosses choose someone to handle Social marketing who’s been on Facebook for personal reasons and then never followed up to see if they have any business marketing acumen.

This is a common mistake. It’s like the blind leading the blind. You (the boss) is not spending much time in the Social space. When someone on your team expresses an interest, you give them the keys to the kingdom. They dazzle you with what they’re doing because you have no idea what success really looks like on Social Media. Does this sound familiar to you?

Please don’t do your business (or your customer) a disservice. Avoid this common mistake by doing these 3 things:

1. Ask the right questions when hiring (or promoting) a Social Media Manager. Not everyone who says they can do Social Media marketing actually knows what they’re talking about. I wrote a post here covering the 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Social Media manager. Review it. Utilize it. It will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

2. Always review your metrics. I’m a firm believer in knowing where you are so you can plot where you’re going. There’s a lot of talk out there saying you “can’t measure Social Media ROI.” I happen to disagree. There are plenty of tools available to measure your results. The bigger issue is that very few dealership marketers actually set clear objectives. Once you’ve set goals and objectives, you can tie your results back to them and decide where to put your foot (and your budget) next.

3. Supply training and support for your designated Social Media manager. I just had a gal who works at an auto group reach out to me saying that she’s in charge of all their Social Media marketing AND online reputation. That’s a big job and it would be tough for even the most savvy, experienced marketing manager. She’s lost and desperately wants to get herself some training. Do yourself a solid and get expert training for your staff. With a proven track record, the right coach/trainer will make your employee seem like they’re walking on water because they’ll have been shown where the rocks are.

Many dealers and other businesses want to succeed in Social Media but they don’t consider the time or internal resources required to do it effectively. Just like the other marketing mediums, Social is a place where people go to spend time and be entertained. It requires the same focus, time, skill and budget as the other mediums (ie: Cable, Radio and Online).

Because it is conversations on Social Media that turn into sales, you need to have someone who knows HOW to market your store and HOW to talk with fans/followers to convert them into sales. There is no such thing as a quick sale. It’s an illusion to believe that someone is going to do business with you without doing their online due diligence. Avoid the common mistake and set yourself up for success. Take the steps and make sure the person in charge of your Social Media provides great information, engages your prospects and compels that next customer to think of you first!