The Latest Reason to Blog for Business & How to Master It

The more we share, the more we have...
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automotive social media kathi kruseWe are in a constant state of evolution. Over the past 10 years, blogging has expanded, contracted and expanded again further, in directions we never imagined. We share opinions and our knowledge about things we’re passionate about. We help our customers buy.

As I sit here on the plane going to St. Louis for a meeting, I’m listening to Mitch Joel’s awesome podcast, “Six Pixels of Separation”. He’s talking with Mark Schaefer, Rutgers University professor, blogger and all ’round good dude, about whether there’s anything new in blogging.

While some argue that blogging has plateaued, I believe we’re at the beginning of a new era in blogging. People and businesses are in a constant state of creativity. The challenges of the past few years have spurred a huge rise in new ideas. Regardless of the technology, it’s the people who bring the newness – they share a passion for a subject, express their opinion about it and new ideas grow from those conversations.

We’ve all become publishers. We share pieces of information to our network. Your dealership can be considered an authority just by the content you produce. Write your own content and watch your search ranking climb. But how do you effectively write your own content?

Everyone has a voice. In your store, the people who talk to your customers everyday know what your customers want and they have a lot to say. You become the publisher of your staff’s ideas and thereby participate in conversations with your customer.

Some of my colleagues may say that blogs are just a receptacle for keywords. They say, no need to bother staff with such trivial stuff – keep them focused on selling. But aren’t these conversations a form of prospecting and selling? I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve sat on the showroom floor during a down time and wished I had another way to talk to my customer.

I’m honored to be part of Triberr, a site where bloggers like me exchange content, generate traffic and build engagement around each other’s blogs. I’m seeing a lot of posts lately on the subject of Google’s Penguin update and how keywords are losing market share to more credible content.

  • Francisco Rosales, of SocialMouths Blog, asks “Does Google+ matter for small business marketing?” In a guest post from Brad Schorr, he conveys that writing your own blog content and establishing authorship helps Google serve up more authoritative, reliable results in search.
  • Shaan Haider, of GeekyStuffs Blog says, “The truth is Penguin is a warning shot for bloggers to stop basing their posts on keywords. Bloggers should be blogging. Blogging means informing your readers, building your brand, communicating, establishing a discussion, and forming a relationship with your customers. That is why Penguin is not only saving the Internet from crappy content but is also saving blogging by cutting down on keyword sniping.”
  • Brian Hawkins, of HotBlogTips Blog says, “Consumers are now demanding constant media access to virtually every aspect of life around them. Today’s buyer wants access to your product and/or information 24/7; just as they do with their banking, health, communication, entertainment and so on.”
  • John Jantsch, of DuctTapeMarketing Blog, says “Blogging has never been more critical. It’s the stablest form of SEO. High quality, education-based, properly formatted, highly linked to and consistently updated original content has never been penalized.

While Google+ is next to worthless as a “Social network” for dealers (as your customer is unlikely to be there with any kind of consistency), it’s mega-important to be there establishing your store as a trusted authority to Google. It’s nearly impossible to understate the power your blog and Google+ can wield. Google most likely intends to strengthen the connection between Google+ authors and search visibility so now is the time to start blogging if you haven’t already.

It’s all about the quality of your content. Facebook updates, Tweets, Videos or Blog posts, if your market audience deems it credible, it will get you traffic and leads. Create a speedy delivery system within your store for your front-line personnel to be part of your marketing content strategy.

Blogging is a spoke in your content marketing wheel. Your customer would like to engage with your store. Your staff would like to engage with your customer. Why not develop a process to connect those two and increase sales?

The more we share, the more we have...
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  • Steve Hughes

    I’m amazed how many organizations, both small and large, haven’t dipped their toes into the blogging waters at all. I think an argument can be made that we haven’t even scratched the surface. Any company with a site and no blog is doing themselves a disservice.

    • kathikruse

      Totally agree, Steve. I like your term “scratched the surface.” That’s exactly how it feels to me too. It’s about to get more interesting! Thx so much for stopping by my blog :-)

  • JerryDRoss

    I agree with your assessment that blogging will continue to grow in it’s importance for a company’s success.
    Your quote from John Jantsch caught my attention: “Blogging has never been more critical. It’s the stablest form of SEO.” How true!
    Great Stuff!

    • kathikruse

      Thanks Jerry!

  • Steven Ratnik

    Great article. Blogging is all about quality content and solving problems for the reader, not just putting in as many keywords as you can to let Google rank your page higher. Speaking of Google, they are the dominant search engine on the internet and they own Google+ so it would make sense to be invloved with Google Plus.

    • kathikruse

      Agreed Steven. Although Google hasn’t really made their case as a Social network, we all must feed the beast to get noticed. It will be interesting to see how things progress. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  • Adam Ross

    Awesome! I used the tips from Francisco – went back and added author tags to every blog post I wrote on my WP site for the past year. As always, timely and spot-on, Kathi!

    • kathikruse

      Thanks Adam! I love it when we all share info that makes each of us smarter. Have an awesome weekend, my friend.

    • Erik Schwenke

      I do this too. I write my own blog (with my name listed) that the dealership I work at links to. It feels more authentic this way.

      • kathikruse

        Awesome Erik. Hey, I was just talking about you today. I’ll email you details.

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  • jsncruz

    Bloggers should be blogging” – one of the most inspirational statements I’ve ever come across. Unfortunately here in my country, ‘star power’ all too often overcomes good content when it comes to blog popularity. Eventually though, I hope to change that. Good content will eventually find its ‘sunlight’. Keyword-mashing on a crappy article may have worked before, but I believe that a blog that informs and educates will come out on top!

    I blog at