Nothing Happens Without Promotion: 5 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Strategy

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automotive-social-media-marketing-facebook“Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing!” ~ P.T. Barnam

Every business wants to get the most out of their Facebook page. It’s difficult to grow your page without defined strategies. If you read my blog with any consistency, you know I continually reinforce the need for your business to have a solid content strategy. Great content is how you continue to engage with your current and future customers and should always be a cornerstone to your Social marketing.

Many businesses find the job of creating and publishing great content to be challenging. They feel more comfortable in the “traditional” marketing arena known as Promotion. Promoting your Facebook page is another important component of your overall Social Media strategy. But promotion is all around us, and it can be difficult for businesses to break through the noise.

Even though the medium is different, the concepts behind promotion haven’t changed: get eyeballs on your message. The ultimate goal is to make a connection, have a conversation and, with some finesse, convert that into a sale. If you don’t have a strategy to promote your page or your business on Facebook, those conversations will take place elsewhere.

I’ve had many dealers and other businesses say to me, “You can’t measure Social Media ROI.” Respectfully, this is a misguided mindset. You most certainly can measure Social Media ROI if you know what your objectives are and you tie your results back to your goals. A solid promotion strategy includes analysis so you know which efforts are successful.

Promotion strategy is an integral part of your Facebook marketing plan. Keeping fans engaged with content is crucial but just as important is attracting more of those people who are most likely going to buy from you.  Answer this question, “How are we going to continually increase our Facebook fan base to generate leads and sales?” If you don’t have the answer right now, you’re not alone. Here are 5 tips to develop your Facebook promotion strategy:

1. Awareness in Real Life. What we see, we remember. Signage and other visual reminders in your store help boost the awareness of your Facebook page to your customers AND employees. It takes an effort to get employee buy-in and participation on Social and reminders are always necessary. Having a designated Social Media manager comes in handy here. They can continue to foster awareness around your page and instigate participation.

2. Facebook Ads. Perhaps the single greatest device for growing your fan base and increasing sales. Facebook makes it easy and affordable to amplify your reach with Promoted Posts (spending $5-$20 to show a post to a wider audience). The Ads Manager helps you create ads which target those that are most likely going to buy from you. Once they like your page, that opens up all opportunities to connect, converse and close deals.

3. Landing Pages. Facebook users like to stay on Facebook. Facebook Landing Pages are perfect for facilitating specific marketing campaigns. Whether you want to grow your likes, offer a coupon for Service, or get more people in your store this weekend, drive people to your Landing Page that gives them every reason to comply.

4. Calls to Action. If you’re utilizing Landing Pages, please make sure you have the ideal marketing language to compel the user to do what you want them to do. A call-to-action (CTA) is the part of your message that convinces a person to perform your desired action immediately. People need to be shown or told what to do next (ie: drive them down the sales funnel).

5. Tools. You’re going to need a designer to create your Landing Pages. You’re also going to need help installing Landing Pages on your Facebook page. There are tools like Heyo and Shortstack that help you facilitate these two endeavors. Both of these apps have templates for Landing Pages that are very useful. You may want to consider a custom design if you’ve got the budget. Custom design always has advantages because it communicates your brand more effectively.

Are you currently promoting your Facebook page to generate leads and sales? Now’s the time to start before your competitor gets the same idea.


The more we share, the more we have...
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