Wanna Rock Social Media Now? Be Flawsome!

The more we share, the more we have...
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Wanna Rock Social Media Now? Be Flawsome!“Flawsome is the new awesome.” ~Mari Smith

Flawsome is using Social Media to declare the awesomeness of your store while allowing the consumer to see your flaws.  Customers want to know the real you. Take online ratings for example: 68% of consumers trust comments more when there are both positive and negative reviews.  The more open the better. Consumers actually prefer it.

Try new things with your content on Social Media.  Marketing is a creative process.  That’s why you don’t see books or blogs about WHAT to post–only how, when and why.  If you asked Picasso how he knew what to paint, he couldn’t tell you.  Social Media marketing a process that’s part talent, part intuition and part inspiration.

Your community manager curates content for your network and they know it’s working if the analytics say so and you’re generating leads.  Brainstorming sessions with a coach work wonders.  Spend time getting inspired.  Test your audience.  Not everything will work but you’d be surprised at how some content catches on.  You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, says, “The cost of trying something now in this day and age is so small, it’s almost more costly not to try.  This is the age of the Citizen Influencer.  There’s a density of information, a wall of sound that’s constant. We’re looking for leadership.  We hunger to know people who know what they’re talking about.  The Google approach is try everything.  Then take away the things that don’t work.”

Dealerships can take this marketing approach too!  Who do you have in your store that would be eager to try blogging?  There are so many benefits to blogging that you’re doing a disservice to your store by not having one.  I know a Master Tech who blogs for his dealership.  I know countless sales people who’ve started blogs on their own.  It’s time to leverage the power you have in your store!

When it comes to your online reputation, negative reviews are expected by the consumer.  When they see a dealership with all 5-star reviews, they become suspicious.  Heck, we all do!  There is no such thing as perfection.  Every retail business, especially car dealerships, have dissatisfied customers.  Cars break; things can go down the wrong road quickly.  Don’t be afraid to show your flaws!

mari smith guy kawasaki socialmidasEveryone appreciates transparency.  A store with a 4-star rating is going to get more attention and win more business than one that’s trying to look “perfect”.  Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki did a Webinar recently on the 7 Hottest Business Trends in Social Media.  A main takeaway was that the Social audience is quick to forgive.  They prefer the flaws.  It makes brands more human.  People buy from people.

What about the dreaded negative review?  More often than not, it’s possible to turn negativity into a positive, or dare I say, boost to your online reputation.  Handled well, the audience witnesses how you dealt with a customer service issue.  They’ll buy from you knowing that if something should go wrong, you’ll be there to listen, take responsibility and make things right.

Social Media is a great customer service tool so use it to your advantage.  Be flawsome. Work hard to let the audience know how awesome you are and don’t be afraid to show your flaws.  Experiment.  Like Richard Branson puts it, “The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all!”

 Your turn: What flaws in your business have you let fly?

The more we share, the more we have...
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