What Women Want: 10 Tips to Attract Female Buyers on Social Media

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automotive-social-media-marketingWomen influence the decision in 85% of all new car and truck sales in the United States. They purchase 44% of all new vehicles (AskPatty.com). That’s about $200 Billion in annual car sales led by women. No longer a “niche segment”, women are a powerful group of consumers capable of making a significant impact to your bottom line.

It’s no shock that women and men act differently online, just as they do in real life. While men are early adopters of new technology, when it comes to today’s Social Web, women are at the forefront. While the trends indicate both sexes are using Social Media in huge numbers, Bloomberg BusinessWeek found that women far outpace men.

As a result, the opportunities for dealerships and other business to market to women using Social Media continues to grow. Male adoption of Social Media is growing but it’s not keeping pace with the expanding engagement among female users. Here’s why.

Women’s behavior online is less transactional and more relationship-driven. They spend more time on Social networks building relationships, communicating with friends, and making new friends.  They use Social networks to be social so a dollar spent marketing to acquire a female user goes a lot further than on a male user.

We already know that women spend more and make more purchasing decisions than men, and women seem to be more likely to tell their friends about their purchases—so an advertiser will get a double benefit from female consumers.

A survey conducted by Women’s Marketing Inc and SheSpeaks published new findings that will help dealers and other businesses refine their marketing tactics, especially when they pertain to the female demographic.

  • Women are more likely to purchase from brands they follow. Engaging the female buyer with content that solves their problems, satisfies their desires and aligns with their values makes your brand remarkable.
  • Women use Social Media to connect different aspects of their lives. They’re primarily on Social Media to forge meaningful connections, whether in with their personal circles or interacting with brands. Smart marketers combine these two kinds of outreach to create a Social Media content strategy that women are willing to connect with – and share with their friends.

In a recent study from She-conomy, of 58 categories, “Cars” ranked second-highest in which women have the most dissatisfaction of retailers meeting their needs. The time to act on connecting with the female buyer is now. There’s no more waiting around or looking forward to the recession ending so things can “return to normal”.

Knowing that women are your market is only half the battle. To win, you must know how to connect with them effectively. Here are 10 tips for using Social Media to reach the female buyer:

  1. Listen. Empathize with the female buyer’s challenges and make sure she’s heard.
  2. Stop interpreting female needs from a male perspective. Your struggles are not hers. Listen with an open ear and mind.
  3. Steer clear of telling women what they want. Your content on Social Media needs to connect with them. Broadcasting messages about your brand turns them off.
  4. Always connect and engage before you start selling.
  5. Success can take time. Don’t expect immediate results.
  6. Clearly address valid expectations. It’s your business to know what your customer expects. Discuss expectations openly and authentically.
  7. Don’t waste time looking for ways around the time required to build relationships.
  8. Learn how to engage the female buyer. Ask questions. Paint a picture of your local community and look at it from a female perspective.
  9. Never open a Social Media channel with little or no strategy. Define where your customer is and take each platform one at a time. Always have an objective and set goals.
  10. Work from a multi-layered sales process, not from a linear mindset. Today’s customer, male or female, does not buy from you simply because your ads say they should. There’s a lot of behind the scenes investigations that happen. Make sure you’re in each one of those scenes, conversing and engaging.
Your Turn: Have you integrated the idea of marketing specifically to the female buyer in your business? What was your biggest challenge?


The more we share, the more we have...
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  • John McElhenney

    Great stuff again Kathi. I appreciate you, even if I’m NOT in the CAR business.

    • krusecontrol

      I appreciate you too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :-)

      • John McElhenney

        I like what you write. Seems to apply to any line of business.

  • Tony M

    Just curious, but could you point me to the data that backs the 85 percent of women influencing car purchasing decisions.

    • krusecontrol

      Sure thing. It’s actually linked above on the “AskPatty.com” (in the text :-)

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  • Stephan

    Im from the Netherlands, think we have the same issues! Cars has always been a male orientated business and many carsalesmen think they can decide what a female buyer need! Listening is not always the strongest bullit point in sales, we think in quantity (sales)! Social media has become a usefull medium, where you can see that the majority of users are indeed…….female. The organisation i work for (Ford) is offering several (social media) trainings, very usefull and with result! Again thank you for sharing!

    • krusecontrol

      Wonderful Stephan! Yes, listening is a valuable component of the sales process and so many completely miss it. They return to the old-school style of “features & benefits” trying to control the customer and tell them what they want. I’ve always found it’s so much easier just to ask. Your solution may not be the one for them but they’ll remember that you cared enough to listen. I’m so glad to hear Ford has provided training on Social Media. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.ledet.com Sterling Ledet

    Who are we? Women
    What do we want? We don’t know.
    When do we want it? Now!

  • Rob Ryan

    Awesome, spot-on analysis, KK!

    • kathikruse

      Thanks, Rob!

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  • Christopher C

    … LOL… “social media” = it’s all so they can cunt-inue to compete for gestation against the next parasite… that’s all… sadly, most are just moronic shelf life scared pretty little lazy liars with low value – or even none – and they did it to themselves. The Great Whore is a mentality… the mentality of “modern women” Sex in The City – Life as A Human Toilet – but they blame men… LQQK in the mirror, hoes… LQQK in the mirror… NAWALT = hahaha… biggest whores excuse ever.

  • Christopher C

    #1 way to $ell something to ‘women’ IT COSTS MORE!
    I can do this all day – because I can sell their fat a$$e$ right back to them… most are retarded… and children their whole lives until their tits and ass sag and they HAVE TO GROW UP AND CONTRIBUTE – or die the ways of the doe-doe… and most gals don’t even know what that is – BUT MEN SURE DO. ” )