Why Your Business Should Add a Content Strategist in 2013

The more we share, the more we have...
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automotive-social-media-marketing“You may hate gravity, but gravity does not care.” ~Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School

I’m attending the New Media Expo this week. One of the standouts so far is that it’s no longer just important to be on Social Media, it’s imperative to have a defined content strategy and someone to execute it. Social Media marketing is shifting (again) and no one cares if you’re ignoring it.

Even the ever-present Scott Monty from Ford Social had a hard time explaining why their dealerships have not succeeded in connecting with the Social customer. Monty’s job is to make sure Ford’s Social Media presence is making its mark and he’s doing a great job there. However, Ford’s getting a lot of accolades for their work while the dealer body is floundering with Social marketing.

What would happen if Ford became the leader in training and empowering their dealers on how to navigate Social Media? There is a blueprint available on the basic tenants of Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging. At New Media Expo, Monty showed us how much Ford has done to reach out and understand the Social customer. He displayed slide after slide saying that content is what drives successful Social Media campaigns. Why not share these facts with dealers and provide them with quality training?

I was brought up in the car business by a retail automotive genius who had healthy misgivings about the Factory’s concerns for dealers.  Things have leveled off since those days but, guys, think again if you’re looking for the OEM to educate and empower you in the Social Media arena. Things are moving too fast. Take matters into your own hands. Control your destiny. Appoint or hire a Social Media content strategist.

Waiting around until it’s safe to jump in the Social Media pool is harming your ability to sell.

Finding relevant content for your Social platforms is getting more challenging everyday. Creating your own content is no longer optional, it’s mandatory.  Each platform has very specific content needs. You need people who are skilled in visual design and video as well as those who can put words together to form succinct nuggets of valuable information your customers and search engines are looking for. Who will provide this for you?

The world of online marketing is moving very fast. Everyone at New Media Expo is talking about how quickly businesses have to adapt to the changes. Technology and consumer empowerment is driving this renaissance. There is no time to waste waiting to see if things will “return to normal”. Your customer is smart, well-informed and in control.

It used to be that the OEMs were the information source for new, upcoming ideas on how to market and advertise. It’s pretty clear those days are gone. If fact, there’s a good chance some of your employees know more about Social Media than the factory reps do. Leverage your employees’ knowledge and then hire a Social Media coach to support them. You need someone to design a content strategy; someone to take you from where you are today and move you through this new paradigm. It’s a difficult crossing and it’s not impossible.

It’s never been more important to produce content that works. Your on-staff content strategist will develop content for all your Social audiences. They will be a part of your Social business for the long haul. The benefit of being an early adopter is you’re in the right place at the right time. Invest now and claim the harvest.

The more we share, the more we have...
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  • Rocky Rawstern

    As always, great article, Kathi!

  • http://twitter.com/inf_prospects Adam Ross

    Top-notch, timely and unfortunate (that so few embrace the concept) at the same time:

    Ford should start by enforcing a policy of not allowing two or more dealers who are not part of the same auto group to publish the same post at the same time.

    A few quick questions:

    a) how would you measure the effectiveness or quality of a content strategist’s work?
    b) how would such a person spend the bulk of their day? How much time should they spend interacting face-to-face with dealership personnel to learn about the culture and things that make the dealership unique (which makes the content as sticky as possible)? Or, would they spend more of their time on the computer just “creating content” (articles, images, shares, hangouts, conversations, etc)? What kind of hours (9-6, or 12-9?) would you recommend this position fill?
    c) Who in the dealership is responsible in the dealership for managing this person and holding them accountable?

    I think answering these 3 burning questions
    a) would make an excellent follow-up article and

    b) could remove some confusion as to how to introduce such a person to the mix, leading to more adoption of the concept.

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