Your Last Best Hope for Legendary Results in Marketing and Sales


Legendary results in marketing and sales today requires lasting impact, people-seeking-you-out, top-of-mind awareness. The tables have turned. Once upon a time, customers learned everything they needed to know from a salesperson. Today, not only do customers regularly know more than salespeople, they're online looking for factors in your brand that align with their values. My friend and fellow ex-auto retail person, Larry Bruce, likes to say, … [Read more...]

4 Bedrock Reasons Why Businesses Fail at Social Media


Social media is like cotton - it's become the fabric of our lives. It permeates throughout our culture and not a day goes by without 100+ media outlets reporting stories that have originated on social media. It's grown into a preferred form of communication. Why then do so many businesses fail at social media marketing? Social media has made it possible to: Stay connected with and retain current customers Attract and engage potential … [Read more...]

The Most Amazing Thing That Only Facebook Can Do


What do you use Facebook for? Whether you're there for personal or business reasons, one of the many benefits of Facebook is the ability to create a community and cultivate a tribe. "We humans prefer to organize in tribes, into groups of people who share a leader or a culture or a definition of normal." ~Seth Godin Facebook and other social media have enabled and amplified those tribes. A business or salesperson that cultivates a tribe … [Read more...]

The Secret to Digital Marketing and Social Media Buy In


There are a great many individuals - business owners, managers and employees - who struggle with full-scale adoption of proven, elementary digital marketing strategies that they know are crucial to the future viability of their company. The struggle in getting digital marketing and social media buy in often becomes so overpowering that amazing opportunities soon scatter in the wind. Those of us who are on the "front lines" of digital marketing … [Read more...]

7 Star-Trek-Inspired Ways to Master Social Customer Service


Customer service is the new marketing. Social channels, including online review sites, amplify your good customer service and turn it into outstanding marketing. Ignoring social customer service has the opposite effect. Customer service today is very different than even just 10 years ago. In the "old days", customer service was reactive – waiting for the customers to come to you with feedback. Today, it’s listening and being proactive. Customers … [Read more...]

What is Content Marketing and Why Do I Need It?


Content marketing is the plan, strategy and process of getting the right message, to the right customer at the right time. Content marketing (sometimes called Inbound Marketing) is the linchpin to your business' digital marketing strategy. When it comes to search rankings, the importance of good quality, relevant content cannot be understated. Content is the currency of the social web. As the trend away from keywords and toward relevant, … [Read more...]

How to Harvest the Benefits of Mindful Sales and Social Selling


Every week, I meet lots of businesses and salespeople who want to improve their sales performance using social media. I appreciate how hard it is to know exactly which steps to take. There's a lot of hype around sales and social selling but I can tell you this: when you're mindful in your approach, things get a whole lot easier. Fueling the confusion around sales and social selling is the assumption that social media is outside the sales … [Read more...]

6 Convincing Reasons Why You Need a Content Strategy


Your business’ marketing plan (you have one, right?) must include a content strategy. The days of ‘just’ posting on social media are over. The days of updating content on your website every 6 months are over, too. Success today is having a plan behind what you publish and the right people to execute it. Forging a content strategy requires these key components: Why you're circulating this info Who exactly you want to reach What … [Read more...]

Top 8 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of Facebook Marketing


Facebook marketing done right communicates your brand's core message and personality, attracts and engages your target customers, and drives leads to your website. But too often, businesses jump onto Facebook without a plan or a clear idea of what success really means for them. We've all heard how planning improves any endeavor and marketing is no exception. A solid Facebook Marketing Plan not only saves you time and money but also puts you in … [Read more...]

5 Common Challenges Solved with Targeted Social Media Strategy


What are your Social Media goals? Setting goals greatly increases the chance you'll achieve them...but many businesses jump into Social Media without even the thought of what their goals are. Some bring their goals to the table with wide-eyed enthusiasm but get attached to problematic tactics they think will solve their challenges. When things don't work, they give up. With a solid plan and well-defined goals, a targeted Social Media strategy … [Read more...]