Social Selling: 5 Scenarios Prove Hope is Not a Strategy


In order to be a next generation salesperson, you need to master the techniques of Social Selling. I see a lot of salespeople who use hope as a strategy. They keep hoping that the good old days of 2007 were still here. They resist any mention of Social Media or networking. Every time they get the chance, they call it "a fad." Now, even if you are one of those types of thinkers, there's a voice somewhere in your body that's telling you that … [Read more...]

Practice Makes Profit: The 6 P’s of Social Selling


Social Selling is a new buzzword that's being tossed around a lot but many aren't really sure what it is. At its core, Social Selling is your ability to network successfully by leveraging Social Media channels to connect and develop referrals and leads. It's a fact that word-of-mouth sales are highly profitable, close faster and have the highest win rate when it comes to customer experience. Building and maintaining a network using Social … [Read more...]

What the La Brea Tar Pits Can Tell You About Social Media Marketing


In grammar school, our favorite field trip was to the La Brea Tar Pits. If you've never been, it's big pool of sludge off of Wilshire Blvd. in the Miracle Mile. It was there before Los Angeles was ever thought of. It has a museum now but what I remember most are the cool dinosaurs surrounding it with one or two stuck in the sludge. The La Brea Tar Pits exhibit was based on a discovery in the 1940s and 50s of large Woolly Mammoth bones. It … [Read more...]

12 Mind-Bending Social Media Facts with Strategies to Leverage Them


Social Media is changing faster than ever. It's altered the way we communicate and if you're interested in generating more revenue for your business then Social Media strategies should be a part of your overall marketing plan. Just when you thought you couldn't be blown away by another Social Media statistic, along come the latest facts that are even more incredible. Businesses who are relentless in building a following on social media are in … [Read more...]

What Defines Social Media Success?


Social Media marketing continues to evolve and the markers for success seem to be a moving target. Just like any community, the members come and go and shifts happen. Consumer buying behavior remains constant until something comes along to shift it in a different direction. This makes it very difficult for marketing managers and business owners to define their Social Media success. When a vendor reports the results they're getting for you as … [Read more...]

Social Selling: Acquire the Right Kind of Leverage in Online Relationships


The value of every customer you have increases over time. Honoring that value takes commitment and a solid strategy for attracting and retaining customers. Whether your building online relationships or maintaining them, Social Selling provides value at each stage of your customers' path to purchase. Customers are the life blood to every business. Smart salespeople work their network to keep the sales pipeline full. Even smarter salespeople use … [Read more...]

The Future is Noisy: How Your Content Marketing Gets Heard Above the Racket


Have you ever tried to converse with someone while you're at a rock concert? The music is awesome and you just want to share a thought with your friend but the minute you open your mouth, you realize you won't be heard until the music stops. Similarly, the amount of content that's being published on the web is deafening. Content marketing on the web is exploding. By 2020, the amount of web-based information (most of it consumer-driven) is … [Read more...]

Organic SEO and Social Media: The Future is Here!


Until recently, Organic SEO and Social Media were considered two very separate and distinct things. Organic SEO is the art of getting search engines to show your website content in search results without paying for ads. Social Media marketing is the art of publishing content on social networks to reach consumers along each stage of the buying cycle, develop relationships and ultimately, generate leads and sales. Today, Organic SEO and Social … [Read more...]

Social Selling: 5 Tips to Prevail in the Shifting Consumer Buying Process


Surprisingly, many retail business owners still don't see a lead from someone online as a "real customer." If you have a bricks-and-mortar store, there's a tendency to depend on what's right in your face when it comes to prospects. You open, people come in, they buy. I recently had an interesting exchange through the comments on one of my blog posts about what constitutes a "real customer." In automotive retail, prospects are referred to as … [Read more...]

10 Hard Facts of Consumer Online Transformation and What it Means for Your Business


Are you someone who checks your emails on your smartphone over breakfast, consumes news at work on your desktop and shops online on your tablet when unwinding in the evening? The answer is “yes” for an increasing number of people. The permanent availability of information through the internet is triggering a change in consumers’ daily lives. Being informed everywhere and at all times is taken for granted and it's reshaping people’s information … [Read more...]