If you’ve ever laid awake at night wondering if your financial statement is telling you the truth, then you need to know what I’m about to share with you.  Here’s the story:

Your CPA isn’t catching the millions of dollars that are slipping out your back door.  It’s a common misconception that once a CPA blesses the books, you can go on and worry about everything else.  Don’t fall into the trap we’ve seen many dealers get stuck in.

Today more than ever, you need to know where every dollar is and how it’s working for you. Your dealership becomes the next success story with 3 decades of “Best Practices” experience that streamlines, increases productivity & profitability!

Why is Kruse Control Unique? If you’ve read Kathi’s Kruse Control Blog you know how passionate she is about the car business. Having spent her entire career managing successful dealerships, her passion is to empower dealers with key tools and insights into how their profits might be slipping out the back door. We’ve discovered millions of dollars the CPA didn’t catch!  Fresh eyes, Key experience. That’s Kruse Control.

Dealership Profit Retention Consulting There are a million+one ways your store’s profit can be threatened. We’re talking about what happens once the deal is done or the Repair Order is closed. In recent years, the erosion of skills and knowledge of the dealership workforce have cost dealers millions. Now that we’re through the worst part of the recession, that workforce has eroded further.  Let Kruse Control help you identify hidden areas where profit is elusive and discover why things are coming up short at the end of the month!

Management Training and Development There are $25 million in transactions every month at every car dealership in the world. For years there has never been a way to develop and train new car people, especially the ones who handle all your money. Let Kruse Control provide franchise-specific, one-on-one or group education customized to fit the needs of your organization.

Buy/Sell Consulting and Facilitation There are many opportunities to gain market share by adding a new store to your organization. Other opportunities lie in jettisoning under-performing stores so that you can concentrate on what matters most to your business goals.  Critical components of buy/sells can easily be overlooked without an expert eye. Let Kruse Control’s extensive experience with the negotiations, due diligence and specific details in buy/sells help you make the best deal you can so your escrow closes smoothly and your new store has a solid foundation.

Expert Witness Litigation Support In this time of uncertainty and unemployment, dealership lawsuits have expanded as staff and revenue has contracted.  Kruse Control works with your legal team in unique ways utilizing our 3 decades of experience in the automotive retail environment. We have a remarkable way of translating even the most complex details of dealership operations to judges and juries. When all the evidence is communicated accurately, your chances increase for a positive trial outcome.