How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Outsourcing Social Media


If your child came to you with a great story or an issue they were having, would you outsource it to another person? Of course the answer is no but ask yourself why that would be wrong. After all, a lot of other people probably know the answer or would like to hear your child's story. Undoubtedly, you see this notion as absurd and dangerous. It's a bit facetious but I'm using this scenario to illustrate my point that there's no substitute … [Read more...]

Sad But True: Social Media ROI Still in Question


What are you doing to leverage social media as a platform for driving leads into your sales pipeline? According to a new study by the CMO Council, social media is stimulating extensive auto-related conversations and content that create huge sales opportunities to identify likely buyers and engage them based on their individual preferences and purchase intent. Social media is currently influencing purchasing behaviors and smart marketers … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing’s Ultimate Goal and How to Achieve It

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I had a former client tell me the other day about how growing fake likes on their Facebook page using dubious means will "look" good. There's a lot of snake oil out there telling dealers and other businesses what success looks like on social media. They describe your problem for you and let you in on the little secret they have to remedy it. Their solution jumps over the hard work and magically promises an engaged audience. There are no secrets, … [Read more...]

5 Fuels to Ignite Your Company Blog Strategy


All digital marketing today is driven by content. Your company blog is an integral part of your overall content strategy. Social and SEO are now an old married couple and if you don't have a sufficient, well-designed blog strategy, you'll miss out on increasing your search engine rank, boosting your thought leadership position and generating new leads for sales. One of my favorite TV shows is Chasing Classic Cars with Wayne Carini. If you've … [Read more...]

Your Biggest Mistake in Content Marketing and How to Avoid It


Successful content marketing has several important components that work together to attract your ideal customers. A solid content strategy and defined goals are your foundation. Choosing the right platform to reach your ideal clients is key and then it comes down to the actual creative component. How will you, either as a business owner, marketing manager, or even salesperson, put words on the page, shoot videos and take pictures of all the … [Read more...]

Stop Allowing 3rd Party Review Sites to Dictate Your Sales Revenue!


We've heard a lot about content marketing and how it can create traffic, leads and sales for your business. What we haven't heard a lot about is utilizing content marketing to help build and retain your online reputation. Up until now most business owners have felt like they were powerless over the online review sites like Yelp and Google+. The information on these sites can dictate whether a prospect will buy from you or not. When 94% of … [Read more...]

What is Content Marketing and Why Do I Need It?


Content marketing is a vital component of your business' overall digital marketing strategy. You may have heard the term "Content is King" over that past few years but what power does this "King" actually have when it comes to driving traffic, leads and sales? At the core of your marketing should be useful information. It should attract, convert and eventually close sales. Content marketing then is your business' ability to be the most helpful … [Read more...]

20 Killer Tips to Conquer Twitter Marketing


 11 Twitter accounts are created every second! 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow. But Twitter can be a pretty terrifying place when you don't know exactly where to begin or what success looks like. Talking with customers and prospects using Social Media brings about challenges within the daily operation of a business. Integrating Twitter into your marketing requires some specific tactics to make it work for … [Read more...]

Facebook Ads Success Depends on These 3 Important Factors


Unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, you know that Facebook has been diligently working on ways to improve the newsfeed. To keep the newsfeed relevant, Facebook tweaks its algorithms regularly to keep more people on Facebook. They've shifted it so that promoted content is getting greater visibility. Facebook is getting serious about revenue and it's time you should too. One of the actions Facebook has taken is to address the growing … [Read more...]

The Absolute Best Way to Tank Your Online Reputation


90% of Americans say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Social Media and online ratings go hand in hand. Thousands of people share their experiences online everyday with their friends and family. Many are compelled to take it a step further and write a review on Google+ or Yelp, which in turn shows up in search results for other prospective buyers. This wave of interpersonal sharing of experiences has morphed into one of … [Read more...]