What Dave Grohl’s Broken Leg Teaches Us About Personal Branding


Things happen. We get up everyday and expect smooth sailing but the truth is, most days, things happen. Personal branding is the work you do to insure that when things happen beyond your control, your primary message of value stays intact. If you were faced with a situation beyond your control that affected not one but many other people (such as customers), how would they react? What would your customers think and say about you? Would your … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Dealing With Social Media and Online Reputation Attacks


Getting off the sidelines and into the game of social media marketing is no easy task. I see some businesses embrace social media and online reputation management, but there are many more who sit on the sidelines. My experience in the last 6 years has shown me that one of the reasons business owners steer clear of social media is they just don't want to leave themselves open to online attacks. They figure, "Hey, if we're not participating then … [Read more...]

6 Time-Wasting Social Marketing Tactics to Give Up Today


Businesses evolve. Customers evolve. Social Media and online marketing evolves. So why are there so many businesses who are acting like it's 2011 when in comes to their social marketing tactics? Given that we're in an accelerated environment with nearly every industry discovering that the status quo doesn't get the job done anymore, it's prudent to assess what social marketing tactics are working and what's not on a regular basis. However, … [Read more...]

“I Hate Yelp” and Other Afflictions Hampering Your Online Reputation Management


As your business adapts to social media marketing, it's crucial to not disregard that part of social media known as online reputation management. While the term "social media" can mean many different things, it boils down to a digital acknowledgment of what your customers think about you. That feedback can appear on any social channel your customers choose and leaving online reputation management out of that equation is dangerous. As I work … [Read more...]

12 Strategic Questions to Answer for Social Media Success


Social media success can mean many different things to many different people. Some think it's all about how many "likes" or followers you've accumulated. Some think it's posting benign messages that push products (but actually never get anyone's attention). Truth is, social media success, at least for small and medium size businesses, means converting fans/followers into customers. I was reading an article about social media success the other … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post


How would you define a perfect Facebook post? It's surprising how many businesses and their marketing partners have a hard time articulating the answer to that question. A client of mine, RC Lacy Ford Lincoln Subaru, recently posted what I believe to be a perfect Facebook post and I'm going to tell you the reasons why. But first, I'll let two of my other clients tell you. They were the ones who alerted me to the post first. "It makes me wish … [Read more...]

Social Selling: 3 Must-Haves and 6 Right-Now Actions for Success


"Social Selling expands on the age-old basics of getting to know your customers and meeting their needs." ~Jon Ferrara, CEO, Nimble Today, customers not only have a choice, they have a voice. Only 33% of buyers trust what the seller tells them. However, 92% trust what another buyer tells them. What kinds of stories are your customers telling other buyers? It's crucial to make sure your true customer experience story is being told and to do … [Read more...]

The 4 Core Factors in Delivering Superior Customer Experience


Let's face it, this monumental shift away from spewing propaganda about products and services to people who don't know you and towards connecting and engaging your target customers is very challenging. After all, while what you sell may be awesome, it's why you sell it that brings buyers to you. The ONE thing you can differentiate yourself with is customer experience. Customer experience is the product of an interaction between a company and a … [Read more...]

Social Media In-House or Outsourced? The Positives and Negatives


Back when social media was catching fire like a gas station in a Michael Bay movie, everybody wanted a piece of the action. Thousands of "social media experts" showed up promising rainbows and unicorns to businesses in search of a way to connect with their target customers. Social media gave smaller businesses do-it-yourself marketing. Larger companies wondered whether social media in-house or outsourced was best for their business. Fast … [Read more...]

Social Media and Personal Branding: Think Before You Post


Social Media and personal branding are like peanut butter and jelly. Sure, you can have one without the other, but why would you...ever? Whether you're a CEO of a large company, an employee at a small local company or somewhere in between, you are representing yourself when you're online. Everything you say and do speaks to your personal brand. How do you want to be perceived? What do you want to be known for? What is your unique … [Read more...]