How to Be the Picasso of Social Selling


"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." ~Pablo Picasso Lately I've been thinking about how similar selling is to art. One could argue that selling IS art and having known some of the world's best salespeople and trainers, that seems right. What defines an artist is his/her ability to remain inspired and take that inspiration to their craft. Creativity is present in every endeavor we approach, it's just how well one uses it that … [Read more...]

6 Benefits of Social Selling You’d Be Crazy to Miss!


Still on the fence about implementing a process for Social Selling within your company? Maybe you're looking for more proof to have your sales team be more Social. With numbers as high as 70% of the sales process done by the time a prospect contacts you, the time is now to turn your salespeople into savvy Social sellers. Technology has transformed the way we buy. It continues to replace outdated sales tactics. Just like before the phone or … [Read more...]

Social Media Manager Job Description: A Complete Guide


“Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.” ~Malcolm Forbes Many businesses have recognized the awesome value and benefit in Social Media marketing. Perhaps you're one of those. You've seen how Social marketing drives leads and sales and boosts your online reputation. However, as a business owner, you aren't spending time on Social networks personally and it’s quite a challenge to figure out who the best person … [Read more...]

How to Know If Your Social Media Content is Relevant and Why It’s Uber Important


Rel•e•vance: The ability to retrieve and publish material that satisfies the needs of the user. Social Media marketing is a crowded space. The effort required now to get your business found, followed and favorited is enormous. It all hinges on how relevant your content is on the social channels you use to connect with customers and prospects. One of the most common questions businesses and their salespeople have about Social Media content is, … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Grow Your Network, Conquer Social Selling


Let's face it. Social Selling is here. Studies have shown that more than 3/4 of salespeople who use social media in the sales process outperform those who don't. Salespeople and their managers who leverage social networks (and the associated tools) in their overall daily sales process enjoy all of the following: Build solid sales relationships Lead generation Close the sale Customer retention It's a wonder then why so many … [Read more...]

Social Selling: 21 Ways to Engage Your Network for Referrals and Leads


Everyone would like to sell more. Not everyone knows exactly how. The answer may be right at your finger tips. Social Selling increases your reach enabling you to sell more by leveraging the trusted relationships you've built up over the last month, year or your entire career. All selling is social. Always has been. Always will be. Before Social Media, people bought from people in social ways. Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and … [Read more...]

5 Top-Notch Tips to Become a Social Selling Rockstar!


The sales game has changed. Cold calling is getting more difficult, while buyers are flocking to social media for answers. If you're a salesperson or you manage a sales team, it's time to leverage the power of social networks and boost your sales performance with Social Selling. Depending on the industry you're in, there's a very good chance the buyers of your products and services are online researching their best choice. Why not be there, meet … [Read more...]

The Kickass 3-Step Process Using Facebook to Generate Leads and Sales


The reason we market is to generate leads and sales. If that's not true for you, then please stop reading this and go do something else productive. If you want to use Facebook to close more sales and earn more profit, you've come to the right place, my friend. I got in the car business somewhat unceremoniously. My grandfather was a dealer in the '50s in Downtown Los Angeles but he passed on before I was old enough to work. I was hired by a car … [Read more...]

3 Smart Social Selling Strategies to Convert Hyper-Informed Customers


Many businesses are lagging behind when it comes to meeting their potential customers' needs online. Customers are switching between various sales channels, expecting seamless integration across touch points and through multiple devices. It's a new challenge for businesses to control the customer experience in this context and customers are in the driver’s seat. In a recent survey and study, ADLittle investigated dialogue ability in terms of the … [Read more...]

10 Outdated Social Marketing Tactics to Stop Doing Right Now


The speed of Social Media adoption and strategy is getting faster and more complex everyday. It's very difficult to know for sure what tactics will get you the best results. There are many companies still in the dark about the value of social marketing and advertising...and still many more who are stuck in 2011 with their social marketing tactics. The success of your social marketing tactics lies in the content and how you publish and promote … [Read more...]