How to Modernize your Culture and Motivate Employees to Create Content


One of the biggest challenges today is the fact that content is the cornerstone to successful marketing and businesses are having a hard time adapting to it. It's difficult to create content when you're busy operating a business or focusing your efforts on sales. One of the keys to overcoming this difficulty is to modernize your culture and implement programs to motivate employees to participate in the content marketing process. Is it hard to … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Guide: 10 Accelerating Actions for 2015


While some businesses have been rolling out their marketing plans for the New Year, many others' marketing plans seem to have gotten lost in the hustle to get the year started. Goals don't get set and soon hip-shooting becomes commonplace. If you find yourself and your business in this situation, you may see a storm brewing. You may feel a sense of urgency mixed with impending doom. A solid Social Media Marketing Guide can help you navigate the … [Read more...]

Still Confused About Facebook Changes Effective Jan 2015? Here’s the Scoop


In case you missed it...back in November, Facebook announced some changes that will affect Facebook Business Pages and the people who love them - or do their marketing - or both. These changes have already been set in motion and many businesses either still aren't aware of the changes or are confused about what to do going forward. The Facebook changes effective Jan 2015 could mandate a shift in your content strategy. Now that the changes are … [Read more...]

Top Social Media and Content Marketing Trends for 2015


More than ever, we're seeing businesses take a holistic approach to marketing. Social Media marketing is no longer something you do as an afterthought. Businesses are taking steps to integrate content creation within their organization. There was so much growth in 2014 and now we're seeing that Social Media and Content Marketing will be even bigger in 2015. Over 70% of US online adults use some form of social media networking. (Pew Internet … [Read more...]

You’re Not Relevant: 6 Content Marketing Tips to Avoid Blending In


"The tiny cost of failure is dwarfed by the huge cost of not trying." ~Seth Godin Being relevant means to be closely connected. When customers align with your brand and feel connected, they start to develop trust in you and your products and services. Revenue grows as trust is strengthened. When it comes to marketing, there is nothing worse than blending in. Being considered "not relevant" either through your marketing messages or by … [Read more...]

Do I Need a Separate Facebook Account for Business?


I'm not trying to be Captain Obvious here but unless you've been on a deserted island somewhere, you should know by now that Facebook is a valuable tool for marketing yourself and your business. Salespeople leverage it to stay in touch with customers and network with new ones. Businesses make it part of their marketing to generate leads and sales. Almost anyone can benefit from Facebook's reach and it's crazy to ignore it. I get asked a lot, "Do … [Read more...]

Your MOST Important Action in Social Media Marketing and Advertising


Every business and its salesforce should be focused on the prospective customer. The most important action you can take in your Social Media marketing and advertising requires you to know who that prospect is, inside and out. Your ability to find a customer, sell your product to that customer, and satisfy the customer so that he/she buys from you again should be the central focus of your business. The greater clarity you have with regard to … [Read more...]

Customer Experience Marketing: Give ‘em Something to Talk About


A brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is. It’s what consumers tell each other it is. The customer journey is more connected than ever. Your customers' experiences get shared whether you're in the conversation or not. Customer Experience Marketing gives your customers the microphone. It's your job to give them something to talk about. Customer experience is defined as the sum of all experiences your customer has with you over the … [Read more...]

How to Be a Better Marketer: ONE Thing That Changes Everything


Even though marketers are consumers themselves, they’ve forgotten how to think like a consumer. They live inside the data and the trends in consumer behavior and end up unable to recognize their own motivations for doing what they do. Sure data is important, but to learn how to be a better marketer you have to get your head out of the calculations and into the conversations. Some companies that say they provide "Marketing" are actually doing … [Read more...]

4 Actions to Provide Real Value, Not Just Content in Marketing


Mastering online marketing to make sure your business stands out amongst the noise is not an easy task. Designing quality content in marketing is the first step to win your customers' attention. They crave information about the products and services they're shopping for and it's getting more and more difficult to get them that information first, before your competitor does. The marketing channels are growing and becoming more complex. Social … [Read more...]