Don’t Make This Huge Mistake with Your Facebook Ads Strategy


When you venture out into the world of Facebook advertising, are you focused on the right strategy? Even if you're an ace at analyzing and you're happy with your results, there's a big, huge component that gets missed a lot. Making this simple but colossal mistake in your Facebook ads strategy will cost you. Avoiding it will allow you to see better results and perhaps spend less. Chances are, you've made this mistake more than once and you … [Read more...]

7 Basic Steps to Optimize Your Business Online Reputation


Are you one of the many business owners or managers who find it difficult to manage online reputation? There are literally hundreds of places where your customers can go to share their opinions. While the specific sites and services will continue to evolve over time, there will always be a need for solid strategies to grow, improve and sustain a business' online reputation. Although each review site is unique, there are some basic actions you … [Read more...]

Lock-in Customer Loyalty: Cultivate a Great Social Media Habitat


How do we foster and sustain customer loyalty in a world of untrustworthy messages coming at our customers like a fire hose? Loyalty is a customers' intention to continue doing business with you, to perhaps increase their spending, and to say good things (or refrain from saying bad things) about it to their friends and family. Social Media plays a big role in customer loyalty by helping your business welcome new customers and retain current … [Read more...]

Offline and Online Reputation Management: a Gameplan is Required!


"If you don't like what's being said about you, change the conversation." ~Don Draper Successful offline and online reputation management is difficult. Many businesses struggle with the what, the why and the how to manage their reputation. The goal is to capture your happy, loyal customers' opinions but to get there, many moving parts must align. I notice things. Perhaps it's my love of satire or the fact that Jon Stewart is my idol, but I … [Read more...]

Outsourced Social Media: Beware the 2012 Mentality


Awesome content drives social media. Social advertising, especially Facebook ads, are required but in the end, it's the content on your profiles and ads that attracts buyers, engages them and helps resolve trust issues impeding the sale. Outsourced social media content has always been available and can be a good option for those who need it.  However, not all outsourced social media content is the same. I like to stay on the front lines of … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Marketing is Harder Than It Looks


Do you find that your social media marketing isn't returning the love you've been giving it? You're not alone. Social media has become much more complex and it doesn't live in its own silo anymore. It must be integrated with all your other forms of marketing. Marketing is one part creative, one part execution and one part analysis. Failure has to happen in order to get where you want to go. However, failure rates with social media marketing … [Read more...]

Sales and Social Selling: Are They The Same?


Being successful in sales will take you anywhere you want to go, right? Umm, not so fast. In today's online environment where 95% of buyers start their purchase process online, tried-and-true sales techniques are valuable but not foolproof. I meet sales professionals everyday who excel at their sales process but they're lost when it comes to taking those skills online. Over my 25+ years in car dealerships, I can count on one hand those … [Read more...]

What To Do if The Boss Thinks Social Selling is a Fad


Using Social Media as part of the sales process can increase revenue. But many sales managers and GMs aren't convinced yet. They're curious but skeptical about how efforts placed on social networks can result in a return on investment and/or sales. Many salespeople see Social Selling from the opposite camp. They know the value but feel like their hands are tied because they're ostracized if found using Social Media in the workplace. Some … [Read more...]

The 4 Cornerstones of Content Marketing That Educate and Build Trust


"Profit isn't a purpose, it's a result. To have purpose means the things we do are of real value to others." ~Simon Sinek In today's climate of radical transparency where everything your business says and does is subjected to scrutiny, the most valuable way to attract leads and sales is through education and trust. The vehicle for education and building trust is content marketing. What Delivering Real Value Means Today Real value is … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Customer Friction Points for More Leads and Sales


We've never had a more complicated time in the history of transactions. Information is traveling much faster than any of us expected. It's not easy and many organizations are struggling. Complicated decisions must be made in real time and customer friction points must be kept to a minimum. People love to buy, they just hate to be sold to. You're not in the business of selling things, you're in the business of helping people buy things. The … [Read more...]