6 Content Ideas for Business Blogs to Wipe Out Overwhelm


By now, you've heard that in order to be found and seen online, your business must provide quality content for search engines and social media to attract your target customers. A lot of businesses stop here because the idea of a blog just seems like too much work. Tapped resources, lack of ideas for business blogs and not enough evidence on ROI can banish blogging to the end of the priority list. Sooner or later, everyone comes to a fork in … [Read more...]

5 Required Stops on the Road Trip to Social Marketing Success


Social marketing success can often be elusive. It's tricky because many business owners don't truly know what success looks like or how to set things in place to be successful. While there's no magic bullet, a purposeful action plan can certainly clear the roadway of any unnecessary debris. Keeping the useless noise out of your message goes a long way with customers who are looking for trustworthy, authoritative answers. Many businesses have … [Read more...]

Is Your Content Marketing Just Noise-Shaped Air?


Content marketing without strategy is like a potato trying to whistle. Content is what drives everything in online marketing today. Successful marketing (and advertising) requires quality content. What is quality content? It's information your customers need in order to develop expectations and inform their buying decisions. The new season of Veep just started on HBO. There's a hilarious scene early on where Selina Meyer's (Julia … [Read more...]

5 Fresh Ways to Spring Clean Your Social Media Marketing


Nothing feels better than purging old ways and old stuff. But, it's not always easy. In the end, we know it's good for us but sometimes the journey isn't comfortable. Springtime is the optimal season to take an assessment and get rid of all things that aren't serving you. That includes your social media marketing and advertising. Do you have anything lurking in your closet that needs to find its way to the trash can? Some car dealers and other … [Read more...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Online Reviews


Online reviews are now an integral part of the purchase journey as consumers seek out opinions from "someone like me." 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. But getting online reviews is not a simple task. The number one criticism I hear from business owners and managers is how difficult it is to obtain online reviews with any sort of consistency. We're seeing Google continue to make moves that point to … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Great Blog Post: Are You in Good Shape?


Everybody wants to be in shape. Whether it's your business or your body, achieving good health isn't always easy. When it comes to answering your customers' questions, solving their concerns and converting sales, your blog is a key component to a healthy regimen. A great blog post has many moving parts and it's your decision whether you want to put forth a half-hearted attempt or strive to be the best you can be. I've been conducting an … [Read more...]

Negative Online Reviews: 3 Positive Ways They Affect Your Business


Every business owner wants to see glowing online reviews and comments about their organization. It's natural for us to only want the positives pointed out in public. When negative online reviews happen, your first reaction is to retaliate, blame, and/or deny they exist. But what if you started looking at your negative online reviews with as much enthusiasm as the positive reviews? I know all too well what it's like to get negative reviews. I … [Read more...]

Don’t Make This Huge Mistake with Your Facebook Ads Strategy


When you venture out into the world of Facebook advertising, are you focused on the right strategy? Even if you're an ace at analyzing and you're happy with your results, there's a big, huge component that gets missed a lot. Making this simple but colossal mistake in your Facebook ads strategy will cost you. Avoiding it will allow you to see better results and perhaps spend less. Chances are, you've made this mistake more than once and you … [Read more...]

7 Basic Steps to Optimize Your Business Online Reputation


Are you one of the many business owners or managers who find it difficult to manage online reputation? There are literally hundreds of places where your customers can go to share their opinions. While the specific sites and services will continue to evolve over time, there will always be a need for solid strategies to grow, improve and sustain a business' online reputation. Although each review site is unique, there are some basic actions you … [Read more...]

Lock-in Customer Loyalty: Cultivate a Great Social Media Habitat


How do we foster and sustain customer loyalty in a world of untrustworthy messages coming at our customers like a fire hose? Loyalty is a customers' intention to continue doing business with you, to perhaps increase their spending, and to say good things (or refrain from saying bad things) about it to their friends and family. Social Media plays a big role in customer loyalty by helping your business welcome new customers and retain current … [Read more...]