Lock-in Customer Loyalty: Cultivate a Great Social Media Habitat


How do we foster and sustain customer loyalty in a world of untrustworthy messages coming at our customers like a fire hose? Loyalty is a customers' intention to continue doing business with you, to perhaps increase their spending, and to say good things (or refrain from saying bad things) about it to their friends and family. Social Media plays a big role in customer loyalty by helping your business welcome new customers and retain current … [Read more...]

Social Selling: 21 Ways to Engage Your Network for Referrals and Leads


Everyone would like to sell more. Not everyone knows exactly how. The answer may be right at your finger tips. Social Selling increases your reach enabling you to sell more by leveraging the trusted relationships you've built up over the last month, year or your entire career. All selling is social. Always has been. Always will be. Before Social Media, people bought from people in social ways. Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and … [Read more...]

7 Right-Now Actions to Improve Your Online Reputation


Online ratings are what brought me to Social Media marketing. It was 2008 and I foresaw the direct correlation between online ratings, social networking and business operations. I discovered customers were talking to one another instead of listening to advertisements. Social Media fueled their conversation and now online ratings are one of the first places people go when they're looking for solid, trustworthy advice. After my years as a … [Read more...]

People Don't Buy What You Do. They Buy Why You Do It.

Why do you do what you do? I mean really why. Not your canned response like, "Because I need the money", "I need to provide for my family" or "It's what I've always done." or even "I have an extensive collection of sock puppets I need to maintain." What gets you up in the morning and motivates you to open your doors everyday to customers? My little kitty passed away this week. Whenever I suffer a loss that big, I always tend to reflect on what … [Read more...]

3 Key Steps Using Social Media to Introduce Trust Back Into Transactions

It's time for dealerships and other businesses to realize that in order to survive for the long-term you need to embrace the crowd. Discover how to build relationships with your audience, empower them and your employees to build their own brands....then leverage this to scale content production and reach consumers on their own terms. Quite simply, what we're talking about here is trust. The world has a trust problem. We live in a world where … [Read more...]

Customers are Smart, Well-Informed & In Control. Now What?

Mass marketing is in a death spiral and every two days, we create as much information online as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. This is giving marketers new opportunities to earn and sustain the consumer’s attention without paid media. What this means for automotive retail businesses is a culture shift in the way their products and services are marketed. The consumer can learn just about everything they think they need to … [Read more...]

Customer Loyalty, Community & How to Boost Yours with Social Media

There's no denying the influence Social Media has had on how we communicate. With the ease of our communication, customer loyalty has become a hot topic. Although, it seems to sometimes get lost in the daily operations of a business. Many businesses don't focus on their current customer until the customer complains....or you've had a bad month. Then, your sales staff start looking deeper into the relationships they have with customers and … [Read more...]