Who Else Wants a Stellar Online Reputation?

Last week I blogged about Social Media assassins and how to diffuse the situation when your online reputation is at stake.  I had a lot of people comment back to me saying, "But what about those that you just can't please?  So now we should make everyone a VIP?"  In a sense, yes.  It's just a matter of how you define a VIP.  When conflict arises, I agree it's hard to keep your cool.  Your customer's angry so naturally the exchange becomes … [Read more...]

Social Media is Word-of-Mouth…Digitized

According to a Polk study released in June 2011, other than the Internet, a referral from friends & family is the most influential source when car shoppers are deciding to purchase their next vehicle.  They spend 11 hours online researching: visiting the manufacturer's website for specs, poking around your dealership's website to look at inventory and they search 3rd party sites like Social networks to talk about it with their friends & … [Read more...]

How to Convert Your Dealership Facebook Profile to a Business Page

Is your dealership Facebook page a personal profile?  Perhaps way back when management told someone in the store to create a page for the dealership, that someone inadvertently used the personal profile platform.  Today, this is the single most common mistake for dealerships.  If you have a personal profile for your dealership and haven't converted it yet, there's a good chance you'll soon loose access to your profile, along with all your … [Read more...]

3 Myths of Blocking Social Media in Your Organization

Are you blocking employee access to Social Media sites at your dealership?  You may be doing more harm than good.  Social Media is fast becoming the first place people go to search, interact, and decide to buy.  Social Media is valuable for dealers in many ways: Marketing, advertising, generating leads, and supporting the community. It also provides a useful solution when looking for and hiring the best people. The culture shift in the car … [Read more...]

3 Things No One Ever Tells You About Social Media

New & Used car buyers spend 60% of the shopping process online.  This equates to just over 11 hours, according to the Polk Automotive Influence Study released in June 2011.  Social Media marketing facilitates a lot of that process by meeting the customer where they are (on Social networks) and prepping them to buy. Success in Social Media means dealers reach out to their customers on Social networks and start conversations around their … [Read more...]

5 Insider's Tips on Vetting a Social Media Provider

Who speaks for your dealership on Social Media?  Is it someone who knows you, knows your store and most importantly, your story? Automotive Social Media is about people, conversations and deriving leads from those relationships.  There's a lot of people trying to capitalize on this booming market so here's a shocker: Not everyone who says they can do Social Media actually knows what they are talking about. In the past year or so, many dealers … [Read more...]

Beyond Car Sales: 7 Ways to Market Fixed Ops on Social Media

Today there was a story in the LATimes that tells the world to hold off on buying their next car.  Silly as that sounds, it reminded me that with the shortages of inventory we're seeing and used car prices at record highs, dealerships can take advantage of so many other ways to promote their dealership on Social Media. Social Media marketing is a long-term relationship-based approach.  With inventory shortages expected to last until 2012, … [Read more...]

LinkedIn: 8 Reasons Dealership Managers Should Use It

LinkedIn's IPO happened today.  Their stock opened at $45/share and quickly went to $122/share.  It closed at $94 which tells me there's a lot of good reasons to pay attention to this wonderful Social Network that focuses on professional connections and referrals. This week I've been delivering tips through my workshops with dealership business managers on why LinkedIn makes their job easier.  I've pointed out that GMs and CFOs have been using … [Read more...]

Facebook: Sure It Sells Cars…But Is It Fun?

I read a disturbing headline in Automotive News this week saying "Facebook-Fun But Sells Few Cars." I'm sorry Automotive News but I just have to rebut your argument.  Social Media DOES sell cars but are dealers ready to have fun doing it? The article sited a study done last summer.  Last summer, really? That's almost a year ago and in Social Media that's a lifetime.  Do you know how many dealers were on Social Media back then?  Maybe two.  … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Your Dealership Facebook Page Isn't Working

"Why isn't our Facebook page taking off?  We need more fans!"  This phrase is something I hear on a regular basis from dealers.  Growing a community on Facebook is an elusive task for some dealerships.  We used to advertise and the community would come to us...now we need to go to them, attract them and engage them before they step on the lot.  Is achieving consistent engagement on Facebook a struggle for your store?  Here's a list of 8 reasons … [Read more...]