Social Media Manager Job Description: A Complete Guide


“Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.” ~Malcolm Forbes Many businesses have recognized the awesome value and benefit in Social Media marketing. Perhaps you're one of those. You've seen how Social marketing drives leads and sales and boosts your online reputation. However, as a business owner, you aren't spending time on Social networks personally and it’s quite a challenge to figure out who the best person … [Read more...]

How to Capture the Power of Facebook Ads and Why You Need It Now!


Oh, Facebook, you've changed so much I hardly recognize you. Gone are the simple days when awesome, relevant content got businesses and their marketers all the results they craved. Reaching your ideal audience today is no small task. You still need awesome, relevant content but you need the power of Facebook ads to drive that content to your ideal customers. Time passes, things change. As we've witnessed since their public offering, Facebook … [Read more...]

How to Save Your Business from Social Media Snake Oil


How important is it to have the right people representing your business on Social Media? You most likely have potential employees go through a stringent hiring process because they will be representing you to your customers. It's important to have the same rigorous plan of action when deciding your Social Media marketing strategy. Social Media marketing became a real player over 5 years ago. Lately, I see a lot more "social media providers" … [Read more...]

How to Avoid This Common Mistake With Your Social Media Marketing

Social is a medium. How your business capitalizes on it is up to you. I speak almost daily with people who work at dealerships and other businesses who are limping along with Social marketing simply because their boss told them to create a Facebook page. While they are masters at the job they were hired for, many of these great people have little to no skills in marketing a business. They've had no training to speak of and they're out there … [Read more...]

Is Your Business Culture Ready for Prime Time (aka Social Media)?

I recently spoke about Social Media marketing at a dealership conference. The audience had lots of questions and there was this recurring theme that I hear a lot lately: What do we post on Social Media and how can we attract people to our profiles? Many dealers (and other businesses) are jumping the gun here. Social Media, when done right, generates leads and sales but you better have your house in order before you venture out into the great … [Read more...]

Social Media Prospecting: Every Sale Starts with a Conversation

There are many missed opportunities. I see them everyday. Businesses post their content on Facebook and forget the fact that it's going out to real people who can respond back. Not like before when you broadcasted to the masses. That was so impersonal. Now we get to have conversations with our prospects using Social Media and when they respond, we need to be ready with the right words and actions. Have you seen this show, "Car Lot Rescue"? Tom … [Read more...]

Tell Your Story: How to Differentiate Your Business Over the Noise

Storytelling is not just for campfires. Stories told the right way can increase revenue. Stories paint a picture of what it's like to do business with you. They evoke emotions and solidify consumers' connection with your business. As a company, your brand has DNA. It's the story of how you got to where you are: Your team, your intent, your struggles, your triumphs...everything that made your business what it is today.  Every single day there's … [Read more...]

Reactive Limbo: Do You Have a Social Media Crisis Plan?

Nothing feels worse than having no control over your online reputation. There've been a few Social Media meltdowns lately and, wow, they're not pretty. The first one was an automotive online reputation management provider (oh, the irony). The other was Applebee's. Meltdowns are becoming more frequent now because many companies are figuring out that Social Media is a great place to connect with customer and build an audience of loyal fans. More … [Read more...]

The Miracle Ingredient in Creating a Successful Online Presence

There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there isn't a choice about the work itself. We choose the attitude we bring to our work and our relationships. Conveying our message well makes for better interactions. What we say and do, says a lot about us. Social Media is just another way for us to communicate ourselves and our business. Whether we speak for our individual brand or for our business, the mindset we occupy comes … [Read more...]

6 Dynamite Ways to Get Your Love & Groove on Yelp

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." -Jeff Bezos, Founder/CEO How important is it for your to look your best to a potential customer?  Today it seems like many dealers are ignoring what's said about them online, both positive and negative.  Some want to put their heads in the sand and wait until the Internet "just blows over".  Folks, your customer is online most of their day and night. They're … [Read more...]